Digital Marketing Is An Ever-Evolving And Growing Beast

Digital Marketing Same As Online Marketing?

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Digital Marketing Strategy and one that continues to spread its tentacles deep into the processes that organizations have lived by for decades. That all sounds very dramatic but the truth is that it is simply aligned with the direction of travel of the modern world.

Digital marketing is (or should be) a part of almost every key business decision from product development and pricing through to public relations (PR) and even recruitment. We touch on why throughout the book.

Now Is An Exciting Time To Be In Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is often confused with online marketing. As we moved into the 21st century most businesses had or were in the final throws of, developing a web presence. E-mail was commonplace and there was technology allowing people to manage this fairly easily. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems had been in place for some time to manage databases.

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Some companies were placing banners on websites with a similar approach to press advertising. Forward-thinking companies were working on their search engine strategy and even working with some affiliates. All of this was online marketing and, in time, online marketing teams and specialists would begin to appear.

So what has changed? The social media revolution has completely changed the internet and consumer behavior.

The penetration of broadband has increased speed, internet usage, and user expectation with over 40 percent of the world is now online and over 90 percent in many countries (Internet World Stats, 2015).

Analytics has grown to the level where we can understand our consumers’ behavior in real-time, including not just their usage statistics but also their demographics and even interests. Mobile has gone smart and tablets have stormed onto the scene and both of these changes have brought along apps. The touchscreen is becoming increasingly common across all devices.

Google has become an enormous organization and owns search globally. TVs have gone smart and Bluetooth opens up another level of possibilities. With a naturally aging population, there is now only a very small percentage who are technophobes simply due to age.

A Brief History Of Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing first appeared as a term in the 1990s but, as mentioned above, it was a very different world then. Web 1.0 was primarily static content with very little interaction and no real communities. The first banner advertising started in 1993 and the first web crawler (called Webcrawler) was created in 1994 – this was the beginning of search engine optimization (SEO) as we know it.

This may not seem a deep and distant past but when we consider that this was four years before Google launched, over 10 years before YouTube, and that social media was not even a dream at this point, it shows just how far we have come in a short time.

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