How to Make a New Blog Popular

Popular Blogs Get More Views

Making the blog popular and acceptable to online users is another story.  There are practically millions of blogs out there competing for attention from the user and how do you make yours stand out in the crowd?  Here are ten tips to help you achieve this goal.

Tip#1: Informative Posts

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Make sure you post only materials that are useful and can be put to use immediately by your readers. People are always looking for solutions to their problems and if you can give them the solution they are looking for, they will be back for more!

Tip#2: Fresh Content

Don’t go for the PLR packs and post them without making changes.  They are posted all over the web and people might have seen those same articles and would lose respect for you.  It simply shows that you are too lazy to modify them before you present them to your visitors.

Tip #3: Unique Information

Make your information unique and cannot be found elsewhere, especially on blogs relevant to your niche. It is important that you present your visitors only with unique and relevant content that you came up with idea yourself or an existing idea that you modified and enhanced. If you cannot deliver this, you will lose the visitors.

Tip#4: Create a Sensation

Try to create a promotion or sensation on your webs such as a USD1000 reward for the one-thousandth visitor, or a special link to a download for the hundredth visitor. Alternatively, you can set up contests and agents on your blog that your visitors can participate in and they will come back again to see the results.

Tip#5: Subscriber Rewards

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Give away frequent gifts and downloads for your loyal subscribers. This is one way to get them to join the subscribers’ list. The bigger the number of subscribers you have the more success you can expect from your blogging work.

Tip#6: Visit Other Blogs

Go out and visit other blogs in your niche. Try to post friendly comments and invite the blogger and the visitors of those blogs to visit yours. If you can post enticing informative and friendly posts you can attract some of their visitors to come to visit yours.

Tip#7: Humor

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You can use humor as a way to make your visitor enjoy their visit. Nothing beats a humorous post that can gauge a good laugh from the visitors.  When they feel good chances are they will return to your site and you get a loyal visitor.

Be sure not to use offensive jokes though and always so for the safer side when you are unsure, you don’t want to antagonize anyone in the virtual world and end up making enemies.

These are seven tips you can use to make your blogs popular. There are many other creative ways how you can achieve this but you can start your journey by following these tips we share. 

It won’t be long before you have a steady stream of visitors to your site.

Keep on blogging…


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